Sunday, January 17, 2010

Declare Thyself! (Here’s my Answer)

I found a great self-review table on Sabio's blog - Triangulations! So whether you're a theist, deist, agnostic, atheist, or pantheist, as long as you want to understand more about your stance on things, declare thyself!

Here's my answer:

School of Philosophy Analytic
Ontology Naturalist
Science Scientific Realist
Theory of Time B-Theory
Theology Atheist
Politics Libertarianism
Language Russellianism
Mind Physicalism
Mental Content Externalism
Abstract Objects Nominalism
Knowledge Empiricism in Science, Rationalism in Mathematics
Personal Identity Both Physical and Psychological, with Psychological taking precedence
Free Will Incompatibilism Logically, but hoping that Compatibilism is true
Normative Ethics Consequentialism
Meta-Ethics Moral-antirealism


Sabio Lantz said...

Darren -- glad you enjoyed the tool. I think it helps us think through positions but even more, in dialoguing with others. Thanx for adding me to your blog list.
Are you really 15 years old? !

Darren Wong said...

You're welcome. And erm.... yeah, I am 15, born on January 1, 1995. lol

Sabio Lantz said...

Wow, 15 yo ! Impressive blog !
Could you share a little more about your background and activities and family?

Darren Wong said...

Well all I can say is that I'm was born into agnostic family in a religious society (Malaysia), and I'm currently the one and only atheist in my network, school (Chung Ling High School currently). Everyone I met, from every school is a super-naturalist.

Well, that's all I can say, as I don't feel like making further info on my family and my contact info public.

Sabio Lantz said...

Cool thanx! That gives an image. I will be following your posts.

Darren Wong said...

Thanks, Sabio!

Punk Chopsticks said...

Congrats Darren, awesome post as always. Kindda miss having you around here in sin min but knowing that you're suffering helps. Lol, just kidding

Darren Wong said...

==, oh c'mon! You don't wait have to tell everyone that Chung Ling is a boy's only school. Oops, I said it. There.

Anyway, I am deeply sorry for the Haiti victims, and those who passed away in the Chung Ling Dragon Boat incident.

Sabio Lantz said...

I looked at Punk's link to the meditation camp site. Interesting !
Darren, did you use to be a member of that? Punk, what do you feel about Darren leaving Buddhism?

Hey Darren, why not consider making a table for "Buddhists, Declare Thyself"
which shows major positions which divide Buddhists. I have been thinking about it but would need help.

Darren Wong said...

Actually, I was never religious. Just a Buddhist in name and culture.

And I will try to create such a list, maybe sometime. Unfortunately, there's not many who even know there are different types of Buddhists.