Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Answering Creationist Claims (Introduction)

The Christian site "Bible Life Ministries” has given their so-called "Top 10 Scientific Facts Proving Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is Wrong, False, and Impossible" (They actually listed 13. Learn to count, creationists). Their 13 “scientific facts” are these:
  1. Evolution of Birds.
  2. Species Without a Link.
  3. Missing Inferior Evolutionary Branches.
  4. Single Cell Complexity.
  5. Human Eggs and Sperms.
  6. DNA Error Checking.
  7. Chaos From Organization.
  8. Chromosome Count of Humans.
  9. Origin of Matter and Stars.
  10. Lack of Life on Mars.
  11. Radio Silence from Space.
  12. Timeline and Archaeology
  13. Statistical Mathematics.

If you think that proves evolution wrong, think again. The points that they raise are in fact very fallacious, and shows that they do not know anything about evolution.
In the following posts, I shall give a point-by-point refutation of their claims, and prove that yes, evolution is true.
There are a few claims however, that I will not answer, as they are unrelated to evolution:

  • Point 6: Origin of Matter and Stars – This belongs to the subject of physics, and the current explanation for this would be the Big Bang Theory.
  • Point 10: Lack of Life on Mars – This is the topic of abiogenesis, not evolution. Evolution addresses the diversity of life, not its origin.
  • Point 13: Statistical Mathematics – Same as above.

Let’s get started.


Dan said...

This is a well organized, well presented crash course through some basic science and earth history that everyone, EVERYONE, could benefit from. Thank you for putting it together.